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1803 Wax Melts


Soy wax melts fill the room with fragrance. Just pop a cube or two into a wax warmer and enjoy the delightful flame free fragrance. 

4.5 oz of wax in each bar.

Selection changes regularly, limited quantities available for each scent.

Almond Vanilla

Amber Woods: golden amber, earthy sandalwood, bergamot, milky musk and sweet patchouli

Basil & Berries: Blend of Melons, Berries, Basil, and Peaches

Coconut Vanilla

Driftwood Shore: Sea Spray, Moss, and Driftwood

Farmhouse: Blend of Vanillas

Grated Cinnamon 

Hummingbird: grapefruit essential oil, juicy orange, lemon & peach.

French Lavender & Sage:  blend of clary sage, French lavender, fern leaves, oak moss, pine, musk and amber.

Lavender Buds

Keeping it Simple: Lemon zest, whipped vanilla cake batter, crushed ginger spice & hazelnut.

Orange Carmel Scone:  Golden Nuggets of Pastry, Light Caramel, Sugar Crystals

River Birch: Bergamot, Geranium, Patchouli, Vanilla Bean, and Woods.

Seaside Memories: Fresh Coconut, Lime, Vanilla Bean

Sunflower: Sweet grass, honey, fig, vetiver and oak moss

You Are My Person: Robust black tea, grounding vetiver, almond, white cake. Essential oil of cedar, ginger, lemon & nutmeg.

Indigo Blue: Patchouli, oakmoss, sweet grass, golden amber and musk. Essential oils of orange and clove.

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